He Read to Me

The book is called “Tim.” Tim is sad.  Tim sits.  A van zips in.  A kid is in the van.  Is the kid a pal?  The kid is Bill.  Tim and Bill are pals. My heart filled with emotion lying next to David as he read to me, “tapping out” each of the new words.  As we […]


{Clean} No-bake Peanut Butter Bars

This summer, our family is really focusing on clean eating.  We are eliminating preservatives, artificial food coloring, and artificial flavors.  We have heard a lot about the benefits of clean eating for children with autism and ADHD, so this summer we are committed to seeing how it affects our family. Instead of presenting it to […]


David’s Buddy Named Yan

We met a six year old boy named Yan on our first night at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH.)  Yan pushed around a pole with fluids and other monitors connected to his body.  David, Yan and I played at the train table; Yan, circling the table as he pushed his trains around the track, dragging his […]


Getting Throught the Hard Days with Gratitude

A while ago, I had one of those really hard days as a mother of children with special needs. I had taken Paul and Matt for an evaluation for some summer therapy. As a parent of children with special needs, I had started to think that my children had come to a good place and […]


No, David!

Have you ever read the book “No, David!” by David Shannon?  The author wrote and illustrated the book when he was five years old.  Each page shows a picture of him doing something he was not suppose to do, with the words “No, David!” I keep thinking about that book as David recovers at home […]


Post Surgery Joys

I know I’ve talked about how beautiful David looks to me right now.  He does not like seeing himself in the mirror, so out of respect for him, I won’t post any pictures of him right now. David’s day started off a little rough.  He could not keep anything in his tummy.  We washed a […]


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