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Getting Out with the ENTIRE Family….A True Miracle!

DSC_1308 When we moved back to the mountains, I had wonderful visions of introducing skiing to my kids.  My parents taught me to ski and I was excited to do the same with my kids.

I could just see all of us skiing happily down the mountain…my kids being the amazing 2 year old and 4 year old who flew past the adults with control and finesse.  It turns out, that’s all they were…visions.  I guess they were probably more like nightmares.  Both of them crying for one reason or another.  Both of them wanting to go home after 15 minutes of being in their skis.  One of them wetting their pants (with snow pants on…always fun.)  The other one flopped like a jelly fish on the ground, licking the snow as tears ran down his face.

The first two years of skiing went that way, until we discovered that we had them both in the wrong sport.  Turns out they LOVE snowboarding.  Who knew all I needed to do was switch what was on their feet?!

Well, over the Christmas break, we decided to introduce skiing to our younger two boys, something I’d avoided for years.  Thankfully, Park City Mountain Resort has a FREE magic carpet.  (I’ve decided that FREE is the best way to introduce something to my kids in case the experience is a bomb.)  Additionally, the parking is right next to the magic carpet, so if my kids decided to leave after 15 minutes, no big deal.  Not to mention, my sweet boy with epilepsy has moods that are unpredictable thanks to the seizure medications….okay, MORE unpredictable than a regular 5 year old.  So, there was a bit of dread in my heart.  (As you can tell, my expectations were pretty low!)

I spent the morning skiing with my older two kids, which I loved.  We met my husband, my younger boys and my siblings and their kids around 1 p.m. at the magic carpet for the “You WILL have a good time no matter what!” part of the day.

We strapped the skis onto our two youngest and off they went.  They LOVED it!  My older two spent the entire afternoon helping the younger two and helping their cousins.  It was a legitimately fun family experience (not just one that makes for a good picture.)

DSC_1252 DSC_1273

No meltdowns either, unless you count the fit David had because he didn’t have any poles to use.  I eventually gave him mine.  Oh, and the fits that both the younger boys had when we insisted over and over that they snowplow and make some turns in order to keep their speed under control.  I can handle those fits!

DSC_1311After only a couple of tries, Tyler and I stood at the bottom of the magic carpet just to make sure the boys stopped without running over anyone and to help them avoid running into the netting.  (OOPS!)

The last fit of the day was because they didn’t want to leave!  LOVE IT!  We stayed until they turned off the magic carpet.  Everyone fell asleep in the car on the way home after eating oranges.  (It doesn’t count as skiing unless you eat oranges on the way home in the car.  Just ask my grandma!)

I declare the first ever Entire Family Skiing/Snowboarding Together a huge success!


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