David’s Buddy Named Yan

10171144_403729636435724_208447874567327721_n[1]We met a six year old boy named Yan on our first night at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH.)  Yan pushed around a pole with fluids and other monitors connected to his body.  David, Yan and I played at the train table; Yan, circling the table as he pushed his trains around the track, dragging his pole behind him, happy as can be.  Yan and his mom have been at the RMH for a year fighting Yan’s brain cancer.

I follow Yan’s Fighters on facebook.  My heart aches for their family.  Yan loves people.  At the RMH, everyone knows Yan.  He talks to everyone.  He wants to play.  He’ll pull up a chair during dinner to join you.

While we were at the RMH, I didn’t know much about the details of Yan’s situation.  I was preoccupied with David.  However, now that I’m home, I’ve learned more about his fight.  To put things in perspective…we’ve been home from Cleveland less than three weeks.  Yan has had FOUR surgeries since we left.  FOUR!  I think his total brain surgery count is 25 or 26!

Please help me help this family.  Here is a link to a GoFundMe account set up to help pay for Yan’s medical bills.  Over and over again, people helped lift our burden as we struggled with David’s situation.  I want to help lift Yan’s family’s burden.  Will you please help me?!  Let’s make a difference!  Please donate any amount you can to help lift their burden.  Again, here is the link:  GoFundMe/Yan’s Fighters.

I am thankful to have been around Yan at the RMH; to know him and his mom; to see their strength and their courage as they battle such a difficult disease.

Yan's Fighters

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