Archive | February, 2015

He Read to Me

The book is called “Tim.”

Tim is sad.  Tim sits.  A van zips in.  A kid is in the van.  Is the kid a pal?  The kid is Bill.  Tim and Bill are pals.

My heart filled with emotion lying next to David as he read to me, “tapping out” each of the new words.  As we read, he began to remember the new words and did not need to tap them all out.  This boy; this boy who had to re-learn to write his name; to re-learn to form letters.  This boy who could not control a paint brush because his hands shook constantly; who seized over and over and over again.  This boy who perplexed doctors, who lay on an operating table as they removed part of his brain.  This boy who lay in the NICU after surgery, his skin was so pale, his face swollen, his head bandaged.  This boy with a scar in his hair; this boy who was so brave.  This boy read to me tonight.


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