Trish and Family

Aldermans6I’m Trish.  Once upon a time, I was a tax accountant in San Francisco.  I retired from that life to be a stay-at-home mom.  I bike and swim to keep my head clear.  I also love chocolate.  I’m pretty sure the chocolate keeps my head clear, too!

My husband, Tyler, is an avid distance runner and a Nebraska fan.  It might seem like a passing phrase to say that he is a Nebraska fan.  But if you are familiar with Midwest football, you’ll know that it goes much deeper than that.  Let’s just say that the Nebraska football schedule was the main driving factor in deciding which weekend we chose for our fall wedding.  Go Huskers!

We live in the mountains with our four children, a daughter and three sons.  We love the moose who visit our yard (except when they eat my tulips) and the squirrels who visit our bird feeder.  We don’t love the raccoons who visit our garbage can!

Twice in our lives, my husband and I felt a distinct nagging that the conclusions of doctors weren’t quite right as to what was ailing our children.  Both times, we spent weeks and months challenging the doctors’ conclusions, feeling almost embarrassed as to our persistence.  But, the feelings were strong that something more was going on than what the doctors’ concluded.  The outcome of those experiences were a diagnosis of a rare lung disease for one son and a diagnosis of epilepsy for another son.

I believe that we as parents play a special role in the lives of our children.  I believe that God will guide us to help our children, special needs or not.  I believe he also uses others to help us in this journey.  Some of my greatest support has come from experiences other parents shared in dealing with the challenges they faced with their children, particularly as I came to terms with the diagnosis of my children’s special needs.

I hope you can find support and strength through our family’s experiences.  I’m sure we’ll share some laughs along the way!

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